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Willie J Laws


Bio written by GIBX staff:

We’d say Willie J is first and foremost a showman… if he weren’t such a damn fine musician. He doesn’t just sing songs, he tells stories with them. His unique brand of funky Texas blues has this uncanny tendency to get dancers off their butts and onto the dance floor. There’s a rumor going around that before Bud Lite’s PR department could use “The Sure Sign of a Good Time” as their slogan, they had to ask Willie J first. Come see him and his band burn the house down on Friday night of GIBX.


Willie J's official bio:

The Willie J Laws Band sound is deep Texas Roots music, add some Funk, and Jazz influenced bass patterns, and the influence of various Afro-Caribbean drum beats, all tempered with a groove from Motown, Memphis or Muscle Shoals, New Orleans. The sound is traditional African-American music with a unique twist, skillfully played and performed. 

The Willie J Laws Band has performed nationally and internationally, including 2 recent tours of Russia at the invite of the US Consulate in St Petersburg. Once the house band at The House of Blues/Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and Margeritaville in New Orleans.  Winners of the Mass Blues Society Challenge 2011, Semi-finalists at the International Blues Competition 2012 and Beale St Kings Awards. A two time nominee for New England Music Award - Best Blues Act 2015 and 2016, 2015 Nominee for Boston Music Award - Best Blues Act 2015. Come see what many are calling the "Real Deal"


We’re gettin fancy at this dance, see

Andi Hansen’s necromancy

Raise the dead and have some fun

With triple steps and finger guns


Here’s our newest DJ

She’s Boston own home grown

But she’s rolling with the big dogs

And she’s come into her own

And should you like a song out there

Thinking “someone’s got good taste”

Take a gander at the DJ booth

And observe her smiling face


A wind blows south

From Montreal

That brings someone

Who pleases all

If she plays music

We all win

(If customs will just let her in)

The experience

Of Gabsolute Power

Nobody’s sad

Nobody’s sour

So let’s all dance

The funky butt

And we won’t stop

Kern Down For What


P is plays good music

A is any day

A is also awesome

A good guy anyway

A is for his androids

A cause for PhD

And also lives in Boston

A local devotee

A is for the ample

A words inside this poem

Unless we stop this rhyming soon

Let’s bring this whole thing home


When Julie’s face emits a smirk

You know that it’s too late

She’s set events in motion

She’s already sealed your fate

Your feet begin to move themselves

Your body can’t sit down

You get up on the dance floor

Because of Julie Brown

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